- Computers 386 (IBM e HP) for general use with printers
- Pentium (HP) for general use with printers
- Pentium III HP as CAD stations and calculation
- Pentium II as CAD stations and calculations
- HP Server
- Drawingboards (Calcomp)
- Plotter A0 inkjet (HP) color
- Plotter A0 high speed OCE'
- Scanner A4 (HP)
- Photocopiers A3 - A4 (Canon - Xerox)
All computers, scanner, plotter and printers, are connected by a LAN network

- Autocad 2000
- Rebis Autoplant
- Wordperfect
- Microsoft Office Professional 2000
- Microsoft Project
- Drawperfect
- Formworx
- Lotus 1, 2, 3
- Multiplan
- Cadelet (electrical design, calculation and wiring schemes)
- Vector (drawings vectorization from file raster)
- Mastersap (structural design, steel and reinforced concrete) AMV
- CAD reinforced concrete
- CAD steel
- World Atlas
- Calera Wordscan

- UNI Specification
- CEI Specification
- API Specification
- ANSI/ASME Specification
- NFPA Specification
- British Standards
- Various technical books Mc. Graw-Hill NY
- Various technical books Hoepli Milano
- Various technical and specification books Pirola Milano
- Various technical and specification books NIS and Maggioli
- Various technical books NPGA (National Propane Gas Ass.) USA
- Various technical books AGA (American Gas Institute) USA
- Various technical books NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) USA

Engineering Encyclopaedia
- Various cartography Istituto Geografico Militare Firenze
- Various cartography and documentation Istituto Idrografico della Marina Genova

4D Engineering is member of API, NFPA, NPGA, ILTA, NACE, in this way it is continuosly and timely informed about news and technical progress in general.
4D Engineering is registered in the World Bank System as Consultant (registration n. 1608 - oil and gas).


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