Our customers want to acquire from us “economic increments of profit and
advantages”. To our customers a simple purchase of hours of engineering does not
Consequently our business MISSION consist of:
- to plan and to construct the best systems
- with times of planning very short
- with competitive cost.
The plants systems building by us (technologically of elevated quality), must
guarantee to our customers high profit and the best reliability. We must arrive
beyond to the point where the other design engineering stop, their selves: we must
always guarantee to our customers the top quality, safety, profit and functionality.
Our business VISION is that one to become an engineering society leader in the
field of the oil systems logistics:
- depot fuels and LPG
- oil pipelines and gas-pipelines
- booster stations
- storage
- truck loadings
- marine facilities
We must constantly be engaged to you to study for:
- develop to the technology and the quality of the product
- improve our systems of designing
- improve our methods of project management
- improve our methods of construction on field
- reduce the times of designing
- reduce the times of construction
- improve the security conditions
• in phase of construction
• in phase of exercise
- reduce the operative costs of our customers
- reduce our engineering costs

The PHILOSOPHY of our engineering is based on following assumption:
- accurate preliminary study of the profit for our customer (costs/benefits)
- development of tailored solutions, optimized for the specific project, based on our
know how and our experience
- solutions oriented to the maximum operating flexibility, to the maximum operating
simplicity, to elevate efficiency of the plan, to the maximum reliability of operation.
- developed design and engineering based on the best standards and international
- detailed engineering oriented to “project execution”, pushing to the maximum the
prefabrication, preassembling workshop tests, significantly to reduce the activity
of construction on field
- tightened coordination of “procurement”, so as to guarantee quality and respect
of the times of delivery
- high-quality project management, with use of sophisticated computerized
systems for programming and control
- field coordination and supervision with deep experienced technicians and control
procedures developed and standardized by us
- safety coordination in agreement to D. Lgs 494/96 (and succeeded) and to
international the oil& gas normative
• sensitization to staff on field
• specific training
• control on field of normative application

The ADVANTAGES for our customers will be following:
- quick plant realization
- elevated quality standard of the system
- elevated safety on field
- limited noise of the operating activity
- smaller investment to parity of performances
- short times for the start up of the system, with faster return of the investment
- high plant profit
- elevated reliability of the plant (the plant will never stops).
These advantages will produce SATISFIED CUSTOMERS, that will return to us for
every future requirement, moreover will speak well about we on the market, with
fallen back favourable to us.
These will be the advantages for we.


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