4D ENGINEERING Srl is an engineering company with activity in design and construction supervision of industrial plants (oil, chemical, petrochemical, and similar), founded in may 1990 by Ing. Antonio D'Alessio in Roma.
The staff utilized by 4D Engineering is fully integrated and very experienced in the activity field, and has realized many installations in Italy and also abroad.
The company operates not only in the traditional field of engineering, but also in the stages that are normally not included in the normal activities of typical engineering companies.
The Company is certified by RINA - CISQ for quality, with certification ISO 9001-2000, related to design and engineering of oil plants and engineering services.
Such operation concern:
- preliminary feasibility technical/economical studies
- assets and companies evaluation and appraisal
- preparation of plans and design for plants revamping,
- modification, reconstruction and retrofitting
- international research of specific technologies for the customer
- technology transfer
- assistance to obtainment of Authorities construction
- permits

For the research of particular technologies and technology transfer, 4D Engineering has established the proper connections with Associations and engineering and technological "trading" Companies in USA, Japan and Europe.
For classic engineering jobs (basic and detailed engineering, construction supervision etc.).
4D Engineering for the jobs of major engagement (meants as mass of hours to develop), requests cooperation to external drawing groups, equipped with computerized design system, (CAD); its own activity, and responsability of supervision, co-ordination and final test is however always encharged to 4D Engineering.
All the activities concerning technical/economical feasibility studies, the evaluation and appraisal of assets, restructuration plans, are completely developed inside the company.
In technological field, 4D Engineering has also assumed industrial agencies, always connected with its own general activity and deems to engage in future other of them, with the aim to offer valid technological opportunities, advantageous for the customer.
4D Engineering believes, if requested, to be able to develop a valid action of support to Your business, with extremely competitive costs and quick answer periods, being a relatively small structure, flexible and technically very prepared and experienced.


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